Sunday, May 31, 2009

Turn Away

Yea, you can turn around,
Away from my sight,
Away from my reach.

We both know we'll survive without each other,
We both know nothing'll change even without each other.

Just like now,
I'm not by your side.
Nor you too,
Aren't by my side.

We're both still breathing, aren't we?

We're not suffocating!

I'm fine,
There's nothing but emptiness in my eyes.
Nothing bad you'd see,
Nothing good that you'd see.

I'm just balanced.

Isn't that good enough for you?

So you can turn away now,
Walk away from me,
Your back facing me.
I'll turn my back once you do that too,
So we'll be both fine,
Acting like strangers just like now.


14 Critics:

about the pic ..i love how it turns frm bluee in the middle to orange n then reddish :D

and the poem is jus great ..very motivating :P :D love it!

Nice poem...
and picture is awesome..the contrasting colours.

Haye! This picture is pretty.

oooh oooh ooh me is loving the poem!!



thanks alot boii

hayeee mujhey pata hai ;) !!


@drama queen:
hehehe thanks ... me love it too :D !!

I love the pic i mean the sky, the tree everything
love it all+
i like the poem too, it reli gets the point across

i just love the colors of this pic and the emotion it depicts...

hehehe i just randomly made it, this one was just made in 15 mins....

thanks by the way...

thanks alot ... especially for visiting after so long!

Pretty pretty pretty! :)

wow you did all of that in fifteen minutes?

fankzzz :)

yeah actually the background i made few days back, so rest of it i did it in 15 mins