Sunday, May 17, 2009

60 Critics:

FAKESSSSSSSSSSSSS hawwwwwwwwwwwwwww now who made you think that :(

um...u proly don't know who I am, but i got your blog off of someone else's but do u mind if u know, i read your blog and comment?

lots of things made me think this :( !! and i ain't wrong ... everyone is a fake these days ... and that did make me think !!

Actually there can always be two meaning of a word. And there are always two sides of a coin... like this there are two sides of a world. One is fake and second is Real. I belive that the world is full of fakes... and by saying this i mean that people just can`t be honest with you... it's not that i got betrayed or something thats why am saying this but the fact is this is the truth... people come upto you and say alot of things which feel like they are saying it from heart and really mean it... but yet the truth is far behind or totally opposite... Actually the fact is that nobody knows whats the truth these days ... may be people saying some facts would be right but how would u know we don`t do TELEPATHY that we`ll know whats the truth !!

aren't you the one whose blog i read ?? aren't you the dubai wali nadia ??

no no i don't mind sure you can read and comment =) !!

but am confused :s

:).. im simply in love wththis fakee things.. bcz of the wayits presented by photomanupulation..:)..loving it truly ..

am honestly honored =) !!

its one of my fav work too :) !!

Anonymous JAAT

Very deep and touching.. :'(
I love it bro......
It has many connotations....
and that picture is fukin amazing (fukin was to emphasise more..:P sorry for the bad language tho)

See meray praa i am an educated paindu jaat...u know...:D

Good work keep posting...



lolz... ronay ki zaroorat kya hai :p ...

thanks alot =)

yeah i know there are alot of perspectives of it !! and waisey bhi its the way you would see it ....

yeah i know that fuck kon sa wala fuck hai :p ... lolz ;) !

and yeah i know ..... THE JATT THING IS JUST A FACADE !!

hahaha i have to do the flake thingy now... definitly ....

and now i want chocolate :(

ummmmm... no? it must be some other Nadia... did I unconfuse you?

Waow yaar!

I don't completely agree with the fake part though but still loved it.

lolz yes a little ... then which nadia are you :s ...

@maham khan:
lolz... read i wrote above a para .... it would give you some explaination =) !!

but everybody does have their own perspective =) !!

I agree with the concept. The image is very fascinating, though.
P.S. I'm done with your graphics. They're available at my blog now (:

ahan another one who doesn't agree :p ...

lolz any reason why you don't agree with it ??

and yeah thanks for that i saw it =)

yeah i know you would agree after reading that =)

ummmmm u know sophisticateddelight? - saeeda? i read her blog then i saw yur blog and thought it was pritty kewl so i started reading yur blog

unconfused now? :-)

19 comments lol u weren't kidding when u said itz an ISSUE lol
well yeah i agree with the statement ..the world really is full of fakes and ppl who have been betrayed know that very well :] n that includes ppl like u n MOI :D lol i really like the colour of the picture n i love the words ..well i love this pic over all :D yesh i know im the best ubee need to thank me :P lol <3

Very Very nice...:) ahaha i like the picture as true uno 'world full of fakes'

are u calling us fakes :p :/

btw i love the starry sky :D

back to blogs after long !! and glad to be here !! awesome thought .. wonderful imagery :)

yeah i know her =) !!

oh thats nice of you ... and yes i am not confused anymore =) !! thanks for telling me this ...

hahaha haan toh i was sarcastically saying it naah paindoo :p ... tum kya samjhi ??

and oye ziyada free mat ho main kyun tumhein thanks boloun gaa :p ??

first of all thanks



loved your comment bro =) !! seriously !!

and i know you think alike ... so chill and bach key rehna dhokay bazoun sey ;) !!

YES MUBI PRACHA :p ... i am calling you fake ;) !! bloggers are waisey fake is liye is topic per toh baat nah kero... yani i meant fake identities are having a facade by using nicks and stuff but what they write is mostly true ...

FICTION is also a way of saying things in a fake way... so the world is definitly FULL of fakes ;) !!

and by the way thanks :p

thanks alot ... its one of my favourite works as well =) !!

and nice to have you back =) !!

This world is full of fakes =_=

yeah MAV ... and there is nothing we can do about it :( !!

yea eeda is one of my best frinds

lol yur welcome, I just know that SOME PEOPLE are not to friendly about strangers reading their blog so I just wanted to make sure it was aii with you
so we cool?

glad I unconfused you...

yo dude i just realized the comment got posted twice sorry :s it was complete accident - don't think i'm some bored freak who purposely posted the comment twice

cool ....

naah am not like that, i just get irritated with silent readers... but i like the one's who comment =) !!

yeah me glad too !!

and yeah i know that happens so no worries... its not a big deal !!

i deleted the other one =) !!

lmao that is to funny i was trying to find my last post so i kept looking for 2 posts that looked exactly the same, and so finally i just gave up and read yur response and realized afterwards you deleteed it :-)
i try to comment on everything so
yea i guess i accidentally double clicked and it posted it twice
so :
i reli like this pic becuaes it has two of my fave colors blue and white and i love the poem :-)

I disagree... because world is not really full of fakes.. simple pimple :P

That's a misconception (:

hehehehe yeah i usually delete the double posts :)

i love that you comment on everything, waisey bhi i make things so i can get comments :) .....

thanks once again !! i love dark colors more then the bright ones !!

well you haven't seen much of the world thats why you say it .... yeh dunia ek dhokha hai ... it brings you in the light just to push you in the eternal depths of darkness !!

lol so i know from now on...
i like commenting I'm very outgoing so I have alot of stufff to say about everything

yea me too, it's weird most ppl prefer bight colors but i like darker ones

cool, good to know you like the dark ones, coz then you'll love my work :D !!

i am not very outgoing it depends on my mood i love going out and stuff... but still just don't get the time for it !! and these days its very hot here !!

don't you understand urdu ??

i love going out too
where does it get reli hot?
unfortunately no, I'm guyanese

means you are born in guyana ??

i am in pakistan naah !! toh its very hot here these days !!

no, both sides of my fam were born in guyana, but I was born in stupid florida
oh, wow pakistan, yea it must be reli hot there now, summer time :s

florida ... that would be a nice place...

yeah its really hot in pakistan in punajb aread in summer ... while hilly areas are nice and cold !! they always stay cold :p !!

florida aii most of the time the only thing I don't like is that that it never gets colder than like 70 degrees
I love the cold actually :-)

heyyy i love cold too ... whats you star sign ??

um, I'm not rli sure I think i'm like an aries or something
why? what r u?
and yea just soemthing abt the cold I just love it, like I like the rain, I love the rain

hahahah not sure ?? why :p don't you know your date of birth ??

i am a taurean ... and i love knowing people's sign :D ...

i used to love the rain ... i love it at the moment too but these days am pretending that i hate it =/

some times one need to be fake as this world is harsh with the real people and real feelings.

why pretending?
i never made a deal out of finding out what I was i never reli cared

haan per still fake people are not worth being loved !!

coz rain makes me sad ....

so what is your dob ?

it's weird rain doesn't make me sad it makes me happy
when i hear the lightning and thundering i love it
yea but rain can make most ppl reli depressed
january 25th :-)

it not always does but sometimes it does make me sad... yeah i love the sound of lightning and thundering too :)

and rain doesn't always make me depress :p

cool.... mine is 3rd may :)

oh wow well happy belated b-day
(yea i know i'm late)
i didn't mean u, I meant most ppl get depressed when it rains
and i like thunderstorms i know it's weird but i dunno when that happens it makes me want to cuddle in my blanket and just warch a movie

thanks alot .... and no worries its just a month late :p

hahahah, waisey i do get depress too ;) buhahhahahaah

oh cute ... way too cute :D

how old are you ?

yur welcome
:-p back at you
thanks but it's soo true like the first lightning or thunder i hear i smile then i get my blanket sit on my couch and watch a good indian movie
how old r u?

hey you didn't answer me :s ...

am 20 ....

did answer you about what?

check yur email i answered yur Q