Friday, June 1, 2012

The Photography Tales

An Overview
The workshop aims to deliver ample knowledge of photography for the participants so they would put their cameras and creative pulse into use.
Our team has got the answers to all of the queries of inquisitive creative brains who are going to join this field of arts as a passion or develop it further as a profession. This workshop will not only give you knowledge about your equipment but also help you deliver what your customer is expecting you to deliver if you are planning onto pursuing it as a career.

Agenda of the workshop
Basic of photography
Knowing your equipment
Effective use of your equipment
Advanced photography
Use of different techniques
Light work and handling
Basic Editing
Touchup techniques in Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 4
Creative use of camera
Practical work
Live art

Take out of the session
Knowing your camera / gear
Modern photography techniques
Quick touchups for portraits and landscapes
Better learning through practical work
How to setup your own studio
How to deliver the quality and meet the needs of clients
How to pursue and enter in commercial photography

Who should attend
Anyone who has an eye or heart for photography may it be as a career or hobby as there is no age limit, no restriction of previous experience.
Amateur photographers who want to brush up their skills and desire to establish their own studio or want to earn a living from this profession.

Workshop Fee:
PKR 9900/- per participant
(includes; handouts, daily refreshments, tour, and 10% off membership coupon)
Classes on weekends starting from 10th June - 24th June 2012

20 people will be accomodated on "First come first served basis."
A confirmation email and invoice will be sent upon receipt of your registration. Please note that full payment must be received prior to the event.

For registration contact:
Ms. Tehmina Attaullah 0322-9333313

For more details contact:
Ubaid Ullah Ahmed 0321-9990332

Facebook event page:

34-Q Johar Town Near expo center, Lahore, Pakistan.

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Urdu Radio Partner: Fm 107
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Workshop Organizer: Beyond The Canvas studios

Allah o Akbar

It doesn't matter if you are thousands of feet high from sea level; it is the faith which encourages us brings us in the rightful place. Allah-o-akbar...

The shot was taken while my visit to shogran and specifically this point was after a 4 hour trekking and it was amazingly windy and cold but it was an amazing sight to see a fellow trecker to forget everything and pray not caring about anything at all...

Well this reflects faith... faith in the oneness