About us

Beyond The Canvas studio is not like your ordinary studios we are like a family the ones which not only stick together but also the ones which party and enjoy every bit of visual treat we provide to our customers.
Our aim is to transform moments into memories and memories into nostalgia; every single one of us believe that the process of transforming oneself into an artist is one that actually very few can achieve because it is not a question of technique. One has to work very hard and it only doesn't rely on the tools; they are just the begining. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim.

Beyond The Canvas studios started with Ubaid Ullah Ahmed's dream which became the dream of two when Maryam Malick joined in; and now it is OUR dream every single one of us share the same goal that is to provide the best while enjoying every bit of life.

We offer following services at Beyond The Canvas studios:


Covering weddings, bridal shoots, fashion shoots, making portfolios for models to the extent of corporate shoots and brand shoots we have a strong portfolio in Photography as well as on pay roll with many leading brands.


We start of with making music videos, short films, documentaries to the extent of HD event coverage; everybody can make simple things but we love to do it our own style.

Graphic designing:

From designing web layouts to making complete web sites come to life and providing PHP, joomla and CSS support we know it all, having the best UX specialist on the team we provide 24/7 support to our clients. Along with that we have a team which provides logo designs and design corporate identities as well as providing any sort of design which you require.

Advertsing campaign:

Starting of from making broucher, posters to the extent of designing complete designs for packaging and marketing as well. As we have Majors in Marketing students among our team from Lahore School of Economics which would make just the right plan with complete corporate and marketing strategies to bring your brand on the top.