Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The contradictory dreams

In one world I belong to you; where happiness prevails
In another, there is nothing but unfulfilled promises...

And there are thousand of such dream for whom I linger... 

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I hold my world

Recent session I did with a couple which were having an arranged engagement was in Royal palm, and I was quiet satisfied with the final shoot result, the red and brown gave an amazing contrast to the color of the brides dress but unfortunately not allowed to share the pictures so just sharing one below

I have wondered a thousand miles,
Looking for life;
Wandered both sea and land,
Yet never held a lady's hand...

Though many fairs their love confessed,
My own was never quite impressed.

Until I saw your beautiful face,
Which made me believe that love exists...

I didn't think a second thought,
Married you with a pure thought...

Now love I find in every place;
Surrounding me with grace.

And as I hold your hand in mine;
I share my world with you,
to live forever divine...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed - Beyond The Canvas studio; All rights reserved.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

He shoots her best

I dreamt of a day when i'd shoot you because I know that the person whom you love would always shoot you the best...

It is weird that at times you have little dreams and hopes, I have a dream to shoot you but now I think it would be you being a bride of someone else and I shooting you being a photographer which I am. It would be painful but maybe one of the things which I desire the most that is to be the one who captures you; and I must agree that the person you love the most is the easiest to be captured in this little camera.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed - Beyond The Canvas studios, All rights reserved

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Summer Yellow

Summer has come at its bloom and it is quiet annoying to be very honest but yes with summer comes lots of flower and it is quiet needed for the farmers as well. So I was bored like seriously bored and I saw these flowers, actually have been seeing them for a while now but today finally got a hand on them it was around 7 am in the morning and I clicked some pictures of them, they don't smell nice but there is something to them which attracts me badly...

The Summer Yellow - 01

The Summer Yellow - 02

The Summer Yellow - 03

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Photographers Dream

The dream to capture your own bride; this is indeed one of those shots which I see myself clicking on my own wedding. Lots of people ask me that who would be the person capturing my wedding; I laugh and get confused because it is one of the questions which actually confuses me. But than again when the time comes i'll decide.

Oh by the way it was lovely to capture the couple they were very friendly, as well as co-operative.

- Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Nashit Noor - Art Director

Nashit Noor - Art Director @Beyond The Canvas studios

A very nostalgic picture; as it is supposed to be the same place where we met a year and more back and ended up as being best friends and now colleagues... 

Recommended in high quality:

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed - All rights reserved.

Website Launch

Yes; finally our website is launched. It was an epic journey where we started of with one person that was ubaid ullah ahmed; and now we have a growing team offering multiple things which would keep our clients and our inner artist happy.

So; I finally introduce our official website