Monday, May 7, 2012

A Photographers Dream

The dream to capture your own bride; this is indeed one of those shots which I see myself clicking on my own wedding. Lots of people ask me that who would be the person capturing my wedding; I laugh and get confused because it is one of the questions which actually confuses me. But than again when the time comes i'll decide.

Oh by the way it was lovely to capture the couple they were very friendly, as well as co-operative.

- Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


6 Critics:

Give my fiance photography lessons?

Or give me some. I'm the one wielding the camera at every event. Might as well do it on my own wedding too =P

hahaha, you should take lessons and somehow I get the feel i'd be your wedding photographer so it would be epic fun shooting you with a camera :D

I thought you actually got married, lol :D

Please teach my boi how to shoot, cause he shoots me the WORST!!!!