Saturday, May 26, 2012

He shoots her best

I dreamt of a day when i'd shoot you because I know that the person whom you love would always shoot you the best...

It is weird that at times you have little dreams and hopes, I have a dream to shoot you but now I think it would be you being a bride of someone else and I shooting you being a photographer which I am. It would be painful but maybe one of the things which I desire the most that is to be the one who captures you; and I must agree that the person you love the most is the easiest to be captured in this little camera.

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5 Critics:

This is sooo cuute. The picture, I mean.
I'd rather not comment on the text.

Thank you so much maryam

hahah; is it text that bad ?

No it's not bad yaar. It's just something else. The way it links to the photo is just sad.