Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ik Sitam Aur

ik sitam aur meri jaan abhi jaan baaqi hai
dil mein ab tak teri ulfat ka nishaan baaqi hai

Kill the last piece of my existence
I do not wish to remember
I do not wish to go through
through the pain
yet again

apni nafrat se mere pyar ka daaman bhar de
dil-e gustaakh ko mehroom-e mohabbat kar de

Let me survive this pain,
this anguish

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Utopian Ant

FOOD HI FOOD for them

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
May you all have an awesome Christmas

Jingle Bell

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Somehow I love this picture, it is pleasing :)

Light Trails

I love the light trails

Sunday, December 19, 2010

19 - Let it go

Letting it go,
Am letting it go,
As I close my eyes,
Everything fades away.

I fade away,
Your memories fade away,
I destined to die...

Born in darkness, then bathed in light,
Just to be a part of the coldness around,
Peace at last, as I let go...

I... let... it... happen...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

18 - Royalty

I feel cold in this desperation,
Remembering all the sadness,
and the frustration...
Trying to let it go...

Burning your memories,
Burning the royalty of your love...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

17 - Time

The calendar just starts to peel away. With every rip and tare there is already a fractured memory. And I wait... Wait for a soothing moment to heal from these un organized scars...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

16 - She fell in love

Skin as soft as velvet and lips as red as a blooming rose. Her voice sweet as a bird singing in the rain. Confident, with an aim in her mind, to actually be someone, to fulfill the expectations of all the people who cared. But then, she too fell in love...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

15 - Symbolized

I wish I was not symbolized like a silver coin, which takes ages to melt away while enduring the heat of the coals.
I wish I would have been like a paper which burns away in a snap of an eye...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

14 - Waiting for an end

"Waiting for the end to come
Wishing I had strength to stand
This is not what I had planned
It’s out of my control

I know what it takes to move on
I know how it feels to lie
All I want to do is trade this life for something new
Holding on to what I haven’t got

Sitting in this messy room
Trying to forget the past
This was never meant to last
I wish it wasn’t so"

- Linkin Park

13 - Inhale

Slowly burning away,
I exhale my pain,
I Inhale to die another day...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

12 - The Doll

The doll, I remember... My new love... How easy it was to get over things in the past.We changed our dolls like changing our clothes... We forgot love, like we used to forget eating a candy to get one more. Childhood, I wish it'd come back...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

11 - Recognition

"We are just shadows
Crawling through this micro alley
But I am hungry for your love
And I am starving for a better time
But that’s all we got here
That’s all we know
That’s all we’ve become
Our recognition"

- Sushi shu

Memories when take over create magic... The pure kind of magic...

10 - Purity

It started of small,
Now it'll burn your whole world,
My love would make you mine.

Forever we'll burn in this fire,
Fire of love,
The one which cannot be extinguished.

DAMN! I loved you so much, the fire as it rises reminds me of you... Reminds me of our love.


 © Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

09 - Ignition

You ignited a fire in my heart,
And all I want is you to put me on fire,

I'll ignite the fire,
So come put me on fire,
As I give myself up,
To burn, like a savage,
And to die like a coward...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

08 - Love you more

Love is weird, weird indeed. I cling, I hurt, I scream just because of it.

Somehow the more you, put me through,
The more it makes me want to come back to you,
The more I try to push it away,
The more it makes me addicted of you,
I say that I hate you,
But I know the intensity of pain,
It just makes me love you more.
I scream, I cling...
I know it's sad but it's making me happy...

 © Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

07 - Romance

I sit in my corner and remember the time when we used to burn candles, as we stared in each other’s eye for hours and hours.

Let’s not waste the night
I lit up these candles for you
The candles of our love
And the ones which won't melt
Like the candles usually do...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

06 - Stay

Sometimes its morning and I do not let the light come in to my life. You have caused such darkness in my life that I sit in a corner waiting for death to take me away.

The Still night slowly grows,
From the dark places of your heart,
Towards me...

I try to crawl towards the light,
I might have taken a step into it,
And stopped

But I heard the voice,
Pushing me,
Towards my silent corner,
Saying; "stay, stay"

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

05 - Glowing

Do you remember the time when my heart used to glow for you! When my eyes sparkled with your sight. Hayee that glowing and undying smile...

Rip my heart and all you would find is a heart glowing... Glowing for you...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

04 - L.O.V.E

Why did I have to engrave those four letters in my heart and soul? It messed me up... I HATE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME YOU FOUR LETTERS OF AGONY. I hate you in my words, I hate you in my sorrow, I hate you in my sleep and I'll hate you forever.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

03 - Mr. Snuggums

My bear!! I so loved him, got him with a box of chocolate. He was my life, at that time he was my best friend who understood even the words I spoke in my childish language. But the thing I wish I didn't learned I did from him... the four little letters which my mom used to explain to me L.O.V.E... And then it all started...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

02 - Youth

I remember when I was young; the world was so beautiful... The time when Shooting stars broke her heart, sunset made her cry. Innocent as a baby cuddling up in her mother’s arm. Suppressed by her childish fear, yet the purity in her soul gave her strength to go miles alone. Kindness her virtue, truth her existence. Her eyes like sunset, waiting to kill the darkness with the shining light beneath their innocence. The time when the only thing I thought was of getting a new bag, new toys, a white teddy bear which I could hug.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

01 - Help

I remember when I was young; the world was so beautiful... The time when Shooting stars broke her heart, sunset made her cry. Innocent as a baby cuddling up in her mother’s arm. Suppressed by her childish fear, yet the purity in her soul gave her strength to go miles alone. Kindness her virtue, truth her existence. Her eyes like sunset, waiting to kill the darkness with the shining light beneath their innocence. The time when the only thing I thought was of getting a new bag, new toys, a white teddy bear which I could hug.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Burned - To Ashes

Incinerated to an extent where the only thing which remains is the ashes; of me! Ashes of our love...

You burnt my heart, you burnt my soul, took away the desire to live; will to breathe and as every day the night grows closer I burn to the extent that I remain no more...

Concept by Ubaid Ullah Ahmed & Fatima Masud

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Put me on fire

This is nothing but a nightmare,
This pain just doesn't fade away,
Why I still can not see clear,
Why it feels like, I ain't ever coming back.

Look at what you all did to me,
Putting me on fire,
Satisfying your desire,
Burning every bit of me.

Yet I survived,
Now put me on fire again,
Burn my existence,
my soul,
burn till my heart beat,
stop beating,
stop singing,
stop remembering,
what it meant to live.

Come put me on fire,
as I give my self up,
to burn, like a savage.

So many flashbacks,
ain't that a bitch,
So just allow me
to close my eyes
as you all put me on fire...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music; May be my light!

In my darkest hours,
The times which I love the most,
I play it, I let it beat.

Letting my heart call out my self
from the depth of solitude,
I relish my self,
as Music,
May be my light,
which brings me to life.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I love my Phone

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Color of hatred

Rang birangi duniya hai
Aur rang birange hain phool
Nafrat ka koi rung nahi hota
Agar sab jayen uss ko bhool.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed & Purple

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Do you desire to have such THAAL on your wedding?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

La Fontaine Ardente

The winter fire,
Give rise to my desire,
Causing ecstatic pain,
which only raises flame.

Yet I sit in front of
This Pure Burning Fountain
nothing but to profane
La Fontaine Ardente

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love on her arms

Khudaya vey
Ishq hai kaisa yeh ajeeb
Dil kay kareeb laaya
Dil ka naseeb rey

Khudaya vey
How weird is the word love
We keep it in our heart
We desire our soul to diminish for it

Khudaya vey
How weird is the word love
We do stupid things for our loved ones
Writing their name on our hands
Desiring them to embrace us

And In the end they have to fall,
They have to find their faces among the ashes...
Ashes of hatred
Life of love
Just a name engraved
as Love on her arms

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


Khushnuma sa ye roshan ho jahaan
Khwaab jeenay ke poorey ho yahaan
Zindagi se yun miley
Koi pal na rootha sa
Jisme khud se bade dooriyan
Khushnuma sa ye roshan ho jahaan
Khwaab jeenay ke poorey ho yahaan
Zindagi se yun miley
Koi pal na rootha sa
Jisme khud se bade dooriyan

May this beautiful sight
diminish all the sorrows

The sound system

Dhuz dhuz it goes and my heart goes dhak dhak dhak
I love music

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pure Addiction

The purity of the flower, the addiction for an ant...
A pure Addiction
Not manipulated by the norms of this world

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Friday, December 3, 2010

Silhouette an end

I hear them whispering in my dreams
The angles of death calling me
I see their message engraved in my soul
A calling of the light towards the unending darkness

Not a word spoken,
Nor a story told,
Darkness a word,
Silhouette an end...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Made for each other

May your hearts be filled with joy
Let there be smiles upon your face

May you live together forever blessed
Let your paths be forever entwined

As the only thing I see,
Is that you both are made for eachother...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bonfire Party

 With winter comes fire,
With fire comes a desire,
With desire comes a bonfire,
With bonfire comes a BBQ party!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My world is yours

I have wondered a thousand miles,
Looking for life;
Wandered both sea and land,
Yet never held a lady's hand...

Though many fairs their love confessed,
My own was never quite impressed.

Until I saw your beautiful face,
Which made me believe that love exists...

I didn't think a second thought,
Married you with a pure thought...

Now love I find in every place;
Surrounding me with grace.

And as I hold your hand in mine;
I share my world with you,
to live forever divine...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wedding Lights

Look towards the night sky.
Look upwards into the infinite blackness
Illuminated by the wedding lights...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Beast - Texture

The sharp blade slicing the skin
Helping from the escape of emotions
Releasing the BEAST within
Relieving the soul 
which once suffered

Click on the image to download full size

This stock is available for use, but the credits should be given to Ubaid Ullah Ahmed and a link should be provided of its usage

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mehndi Tray

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pot of flame

I am your personal pot of flame
And forever i'll remain...

My existence depends on you,
as you are my oxygen.
You sustain, while I devour...

In my light,
I only see your face,
My light that pledges,
To ever love you,
To ever cherish you...

This pot of flame enlightens us both,
I burn to be yours,
So that you can,
Feel my sincerity,
my devotion,
my love,
and the pain which I endure to be yours...

I am your personal pot of flame,
but a flame which is fragile,
Which falters; with each breath,
Iridescent; with each doubt,
Declines, when others come near it...

I am your personal pot of flame,
My existence indeed depends only on you,
as you are my oxygen.
And you sustain, while I devour...

Na shaan hai sikandari,
Na zaat hai kalandari,
Bus mayray mehboob mayri pehchaan hai,
ik jaltay diyaa si,
jo hota hai raiza raiza sirf tayri aarzoo mai...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Friday, November 19, 2010

My name on her arms

She wrote my name on her arms...
Not by knife
Not by blade
But pouring the color of hennah all the way...

To write my name for her was a way,
She understands me, was all she wanted to say...

To say that
As she wanders of into the distance
She expects me to always find her.

To write my name on her amrs,
Is for me to know that she is fragile
That one day she'll fall, and if she does
She expects me to heal her aching wounds...

To write my name on her arms,
A way to tell, that she wants me there.
For me to know that I should hold her closely,
To touch her innocent soul with my warm heart...

To write my name on her arms,
Is a signal for me to gaze into her deep eyes
And say the three words
That will incapuslate her all
As her touch melds into my embrace
Giving me the respect and love
To write my name on her heart
Forever, and ever and ever...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bushra Omer - Maayo

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mehndi - Ahmar Majeed

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Art of Dying

Qabar banti hai
Aur Maqbaray bhi
Farq kya hai mitne aur mitanay main?

dying is an intricately
pieced together work of art.
it takes an artist to die.

There is the slowing stutter of a heart
A faint echo of a life once lived
A reminder of what we miss the most
Death is indeed an art itself...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed & Purple