Saturday, December 18, 2010

Put me on fire

This is nothing but a nightmare,
This pain just doesn't fade away,
Why I still can not see clear,
Why it feels like, I ain't ever coming back.

Look at what you all did to me,
Putting me on fire,
Satisfying your desire,
Burning every bit of me.

Yet I survived,
Now put me on fire again,
Burn my existence,
my soul,
burn till my heart beat,
stop beating,
stop singing,
stop remembering,
what it meant to live.

Come put me on fire,
as I give my self up,
to burn, like a savage.

So many flashbacks,
ain't that a bitch,
So just allow me
to close my eyes
as you all put me on fire...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


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