Monday, December 13, 2010

The Color of hatred

Rang birangi duniya hai
Aur rang birange hain phool
Nafrat ka koi rung nahi hota
Agar sab jayen uss ko bhool.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed & Purple


8 Critics:

i thought u r gonna say yellow at d end....!!
nafrat ka koi rang nahi hota;)
v true;)

Hota hai ... It's called black!!

hehehe, well colorless cheez upload ki thi toh us say hi relate kerwana thaa naa :P :P

oh I forgot to say thank you :p

@Brutal truth:
NAAA dude, black is one of the most beautiful colors ever and it usually signifies depth... Never hatred...

lol pleasure z all mine sir;)

btw colourless cheez ka real colour yellow hota hai so i thought may b;)
but i was wrong.....
concept was good....!!
i loved it btw...!!

hehe :D

thank you :) I love such comment kernay walay log :)