Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Critics:

i have the same phone...nd i so love it...E71 and BB both are my true love:P
very well captured!!

damn! I owned an E71x... miss it so much after seeing this... my poor cell phony met a sticky mucky end :(

but hey, you can always go and buy a new one right?? :P

I have a C3. Looks very much like this. Love it! :D

dad has one :) but BB 8900 zindabad ;)

@I have no identity:
Thank you, I have this phone for like over 4 months now and lol vehshi pun mayra abhi tak jhail raha hai yeh :P

hahah you can, try getting E72, that is quite good :)

still its no match against this chiknaa phone :P

Naa kerooo yaar, I so want a Black berry now...

abhi tak nahi mila? :(

hmm.. having a samsung touch phone..not luvng it.

I hate touch phones, uper say samsung toh bohat sucky hai