Thursday, December 9, 2010

20 Critics:

Thank you taz :)

waisey why the scarlet? :P

nice thal=p
i thought thats some post abt thal desert=p

hahaha, do you always dream about deserts? :p

beautiful... but it looks so indian!

The color scheme is making it look so.

i do not desire to have such a thal at my wedding, actually. =p imagine if the entire shaadi-venue caught on fire because of a thal?
the picture is realllyyy pretty though.
there you go, i commented =p

I agree with 'Warm Sunshine' & the pic is beautiful..
And thnz 4 the comment,I came to know that I entered my DOB in Indian format,where it should be entered in American format.
Sometimes I behave like an exemplary fool:P

its such a captivating image..great capture

@Furee katt:
hahaha that was lame :p :p aag nahi lagtiii :p

and shukran shukran :D

hahaha and I was so happy knowing that you were a taurian :P

p.s. thank you for commenting :)

@I have no identity:
Thank you :)

its one of my favorite clicks

hehe do contact me jab aap ki shadi ki bari aaye :P

I don't know. Insanity. Now changed it back to Tazziiee. :D

P.S.: That's my pseudonym, by the way.

hahah ab sahi hai :p

waisey itna bura nahi tha ;)