Monday, May 31, 2010

Expo Center Lahore

The New building of EXPO CENTER......

Expo Lahore (Pvt) Limited is an autonomous body jointly owned by the Government of Pakistan (through Ministry of Commerce/Trade Development Authority of Pakistan) and Government of the Punjab (through Industries Department) with a mandate to design, develop, operate and promote a state-of-the-art Expo Centre at Johar Town Lahore. Expo Centre Lahore will provide a platform of international standard to the manufacturers, exporters, traders and service providers to effectively introduce and market their products and services through exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences.

-- Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Muhammad (S.A.W)

"O Allah, let Your Peace come upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have brought peace to Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working Existence

Sunlight falling across my face
My skin warmed up by this intense heat
Wishing I was there with you
Living in luxury

I wish I had a proper home and space
I wish my family enjoyed three proper meals in a day
Like you....
But this isn't something that I can change

I relate my body with an animal
Void of rest and peace
The constant pain I cannot erase

I can focus,
I can work hard,
I can earn my way out one pain atleast
If not mine; my families atleast

But what would happen when I'd have no more energy to work?
Who'd feed them?
Who'd care for them?

I guess I never fell from grace
Never can be the part of the elite
I was born in this state of suffering
But living a life of respect
At least am not at the bottom of the human race
Because I work hard to exist........

For better view please click on the picture as the size of the picture is very large so the details might not be visible without viewing the actual thing

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Am a leaf

At times I feel like a leaf, who doesn't know that it is still part of a tree

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guarding the writers tomb

The Tomb of Allama Muhammad Iqbal is a simple but impressive structure located in Lahore, Pakistan in the Hazuri Bagh lawn between the Badshahi Mosque and the Lahore Fort where both the grand structures (the Mosque and the Fort) face each other.

The guard is officially maintained by PAKISTAN RANGERS. The Pakistan Rangers are a paramilitary force under the control of the Ministry of Pakistan.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here comes the rain again

Wind blows
Cloud thunders
And here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion

I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to drive on this lovely road
I want to feel what I haven't felt for ages....

Yes, here comes the rain again....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thunder Cloud

We can never have enough of nature. We must be refreshed by the sight of inexhaustible vigor, vast and titanic features, the sea-coast with its wrecks, the wilderness with its living and its decaying trees, the thunder-cloud, and the rain.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

When I'll be gone

In Far or distant Future,
Or in the days too much near,
When i will not be here,
Please do not let my grave spare ...

Just come to my grace there,
And sprinkle your tears,
Do not go back just because of fear,
To my unaudioable voice you must hear...

I must be waiting for you,
For my relations that were true,
I will be hearing you too,
But will never say harsh words to you ...

Just talk to me for making me happy,
Remember me as a gone friend,
A friend who was crazy,
A friend who was fun ...

Remember my habbits a little bit crimsy,
Use to disturb you when you were busy,
Use to lighten up your mood when you were dismay,
Just do remember me once for the sake of remembering ...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Could Be Happy

It's okay to sleep now. It's all quiet. You can hear the blood running through your veins. And I sing in tune to it, voicing my sweet I love you's, in this song, that means everything to me, and maybe nothing to you. 

"You could be happy and I won't know
But you weren't happy the day I watched you go

And all the things that I wished I had not said
Are played in loops 'till it's madness in my head

Is it too late to remind you how we were
But not our last days of silence, screaming, blur

Most of what I remember makes me sure
I should have stopped you from walking out the door

You could be happy, I hope you are
You made me happier than I'd been by far

Somehow everything I own smells of you
And for the tiniest moment it's all not true

Do the things that you always wanted to
Without me there to hold you back, don't think, just do

More than anything I want to see you, girl
Take a glorious bite out of the whole world "

So, HAS it gotten through to you yet? Or has sleep claimed you too quickly for you to get the point? Whatever it is You could be happy and I hope you are.....
*Silently walks away*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wind Chime

To all that hear
A song in the air
The sound agree with the time
And place
An attractive sound
A gentle tinkle
A gentle wind
Ding ding
And my wind chime rings

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Happy Mothers Day (Re-post)

Mother's day ....
Yes it has a hype,
Yes everybody is getting all hyper over it,
Yes everybody is expressing their love for their mothers,

Yet mom i am watching and just thinking....
Why i ain't doing that,
Why my words are un written,
Why the love of her is just so deep in my heart that why can't i express ??

So I speak....


I wish you the Best on your Day!
Infact i wish you the best on each and every day that comes in your life !
May they Shine Bright and Beautifully!
May Smiles never end and Praise never ceases !
Know that what you do REALLY does mean alot to me!
Even if i appear not to take it to heart.
Even though my actions nore my words express what there is for you....

You are my Foundation!
You are my Dream maker!
You are my Friend and yes one of the Best's one!
You are the Fighter,
And yes you are my Protector ....

You are the Voice of Reason when neccessary!
You show to me the Paths we can take to grow
You are the Nuturing one that helps Shape my mind.
You help me to be so much more then i could ever think of....

Like a garden that Blossoms
so does your Love for me.
I can only go forward with me Dreams
Because i have the Power of you behind me.
When the fogs rolls in and i become Lost
You will always be there with the Light that finds us
No Matter What.
And yes that happens alot,
Atleast in my life....

You Empower me.
You Teach me.
You Shield me.
You are Unconditional Love at the Purest,
Your love superceeds the love of others which was never there for me i guess,
But alteast you were always there for me,
And you still are....

Mom relationships may come and go
as i travel on the Journey known as Life
But as my Mother...
You will Always Remain Forever in my Heart.

And yes i repeat,
Its not just about today,
My love for you is always there....
Per, i guess i am never the expressing sort....

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Burnt Pleasure

Slowly burning, as I inhale
Smoke softly entering my lungs
Cold, sweet, intoxicating my soul
This delicious torture writhing
Whilst my blood within me burns with anguish

Relentless and unchecked
Coal and the flavor burning
These sensations unforgiving
For me time is at a stand...

If this is living
Previous, I’d not been living
Through every single puff
Releasing boiling tension
My pleasures are unabridged
That I at times forget to mention

Oh smoke, do you intend to kill me?
Well, it -is- worth dying for
No, not the sheesha but yes the pleasure
These waves are rolling through me
And I’m always wanting more

I’m at the edge of being perished
In a tide so celestial
Like a dream, it besieges away
As I lay infront of this burnt pleasure

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Motia (urdu name) a small flower, with a beautiful fragrance

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here I am, lost in the light of the moon that comes through my window

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow
As I let you go I will find my way when I see your eyes
Now I'm living in your afterglow

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Kodak sells film, but they don't advertise film. They advertise memories....