Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here comes the rain again

Wind blows
Cloud thunders
And here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion

I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to drive on this lovely road
I want to feel what I haven't felt for ages....

Yes, here comes the rain again....


27 Critics:

wow i love that poem, you write beautifully.... :D

A rain-ee day...

“I’m not crazy,
it’s just that,
I miss you a lot”.

Pouring rain dictates,
what could never find,
a path, a stream to fly,
thoughts out of my mind.

“I’m not crazy,
it’s just that,
I need you right now”.

The sun seeps through,
static clouds in the sky,
light benevolent, insipid,
rain trying hard to fly.

“I’m not crazy,
it’s just that,
I wish to hold you now”.

The chill harvests,
the sight on this foggy day.

The warmth of your hand,
forever makes me want to stay.

This rain brings to me your love,
this wind brings to me your smile,
and what more could one week do,
than last for years, an eternal while.

“I’m not crazy,
it’s just that,
I love you a lot”

I love the second verse.

Simply beautiful. <3

smartly cptured :D
nie poetry!

Did you write this poem?

Thank you, you won't believe how low I had to and people were staring me like anything :p

It was about the picture more ;)

thanks for such a nice comment :)

well i'm more into poetry and stuff rather than photography but the picture left me speechless :D

You're so lucky it's raining there. It's hot as hell here.

Hehehe... Well somehow when I write things with my photographs... they loose value people start reading the thing more :p

Well it rained 2 days back... its freaking hot here!

raiiiiiiin is beyootiful! =)

Nice seeing your comment....

and yes I LOVE RAIN :D

@ ubaid... awwww i can feel every word of it...
@ salman.. nice piece of writing

That is why I wanted you to see these today, they might take away the numbness :)

ya u and ur habit of forcing ppl .. =P but anyways itz really nice... and dnt u dare make fun of my concept of numbness..! =)

Mai itna force toh nahi kerta :( :(

Thank you :)

and I am not making fun of your concept, coz I understand it perfectly as well as I understand you....

haan itna to nhai kartey =P

awww.. i cud say the same for u..

shukar hai mana :DDD

and I agree to it, and am glad that you can :)

Nice one. I like the angle :)

hahahahaha... =) * blushing *

blush and you?? I don't believe it :p

Thank you, and nice to see you commenting :)

@ ubaid...
y nt...? am a human remeber??

Per you are bold and beautiful... shy kuriyaan kerti hain :p


hehehehehe... u wont change