Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Am a leaf

At times I feel like a leaf, who doesn't know that it is still part of a tree


16 Critics:

Thank you...

P.s this picture is kinda deep if anybody try to understand :)

hmmmmm bet u tuk it after rain.. ya i can feel it.... oops i cant.. numbness =)

OH MY GOD!! How do you know??? Tell tell!!

lol, yeah numbness can still make you feel life in these photographs :)

by the way did you understand the meaning of black here?

hehehehe ya i guessed it..

yup i do..

hahaha, Great guess :)

I knew that only you could!

@ ubaid..
u have been guessing a lot.. haina?

tum bhi toh itna guess kerti ho

guess guess = twin souls

The pain and depth in the sentence went straight to my heart =)

@ UB
to told me nt to use it.. it sounds dramatic =P

You actually understood it :)