Thursday, May 13, 2010

When I'll be gone

In Far or distant Future,
Or in the days too much near,
When i will not be here,
Please do not let my grave spare ...

Just come to my grace there,
And sprinkle your tears,
Do not go back just because of fear,
To my unaudioable voice you must hear...

I must be waiting for you,
For my relations that were true,
I will be hearing you too,
But will never say harsh words to you ...

Just talk to me for making me happy,
Remember me as a gone friend,
A friend who was crazy,
A friend who was fun ...

Remember my habbits a little bit crimsy,
Use to disturb you when you were busy,
Use to lighten up your mood when you were dismay,
Just do remember me once for the sake of remembering ...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


8 Critics:

It's a bundle of heavy emotions.

Great work

Heart out :)

thank you and welcome to my blog :)

It's too gloomy, emotional... yet sweet (:

Thank you, its heart felt :)

Thank you H and welcome to my blog :)

well i didnt liked it at first... but after knowing the background of it i can feel it better..

I told you, there is always a reason behind everything :)