Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working Existence

Sunlight falling across my face
My skin warmed up by this intense heat
Wishing I was there with you
Living in luxury

I wish I had a proper home and space
I wish my family enjoyed three proper meals in a day
Like you....
But this isn't something that I can change

I relate my body with an animal
Void of rest and peace
The constant pain I cannot erase

I can focus,
I can work hard,
I can earn my way out one pain atleast
If not mine; my families atleast

But what would happen when I'd have no more energy to work?
Who'd feed them?
Who'd care for them?

I guess I never fell from grace
Never can be the part of the elite
I was born in this state of suffering
But living a life of respect
At least am not at the bottom of the human race
Because I work hard to exist........

For better view please click on the picture as the size of the picture is very large so the details might not be visible without viewing the actual thing

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed


14 Critics:

deeply felt.. Moving i must say.. plus i liked the written expression.. this time i really like the blak and white thingy.. =P

Hehehe... Thank you, I thought you would say where are the colors :p :p

Don't worry there are enough colors on this page to keep you happy ;)

naaa... this one had to b such.. baki for others i really think u have improved.. =)

What am I reading? Bea the great is telling me that I have improved, *happily smiles and bows* Thank you :)

hahahahaha.... ya may b i have lost my senses completely.. =P

LAY!!! koi haal nahi!! I think you are on right track now, aur tum keh rahi ho key you lost your sense :p

either i have lost my senses or my taste.. =P

Definitely your senses ;)

lol... aisay toh naa kaho

WAT???? U dnt dare talk to me again after this comment of urz!

OYEE insaan bano, mazaak ker raha tha!