Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll Be There For You

I will be the sun in your sky
And I will be the one by your side
I will always be there to get you through

I will be the one who loves you
And I will be the one who comes through
I will always be here for you

Time has flown by
Leaving scars on your life
But know that there is one thing
You can always count on
Being there for your every need
Just call out to me
I will come running

I will vanquish your nightmares
Banish your fears
Heal your sorrows
And carry for you
All of your tears
Honestly I dont mind
For you I would give my life

I promise you
I will share all the good times
Help with the bad times
Shelter you from the rain
This is my promise to you

I will fight of your worries
Take all of your pain
And hide it away
Nothing will hurt you
As long as I am here
And always I will stay

I will be your helping hand
And I will be there to help you stand
I will always be there to get you through

I will be the beat of your songs
I will be there to keep you strong
I will always be here for you

This I promise to you

(Happy Birthday NimzZz)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Paper Plane

How hard will i have to throw you ?
How high will you fly?
To whom will you spread my message to?
I can only wonder
As I watch the wings of my paper plane
Board the golden horizon

Yesterday’s me was obstinate
a liar, selfish,
But I promise
As the new dawn arrives,
Yesterday’s me fades away

For a better tomorrow, I will journey
For my dreams, I will fly
For everyone to know, I shall tear a page,
Write my message on your wings
And I shall let you fly

I might not be there,
to see you land
to see someone else read you
For I will be leaving today
But wherever I may go,
However high I might fly,
My memories are engraved within you

So ride the wind!
Soar above this blessed land
that has been my home for so long
One day, I will be back
I will hear your stories
as you will hear mine

Go now,
and fly high
my airplane
spread my memories
engraved within your wings

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Till I feel Cold

There's no one around
as I stand here in the snow.
It's so quiet,
I hear every breath I take.
I look around
and my heart aches.
I want you here beside me...
My hands
are frozen numb,
I wish I could have it in yours,
we'd warm eachothers.
I can barely feel my lips,
but if you were here
to kiss them,
I'd regain some feeling.
I just want you
to hold me here,
until I can no longer
feel the cold

I Am

I'm the whisper without meaning, the promise that isn't worth keeping;
I'm a tear without weeping, a guardian whilst you are sleeping,
I'm the thorn without a rose, the invisible ink when writing prose,
I'm your little albatross - I'm the best friend you chose.

I'm a poison without an antidote, I'm a lost preacher without any hope;
I'm a noose without rope, I'm the medication to help you cope,
I'm your melody without sound, I'm an unclaimed item in your lost & found,
I'm your unapparent sweetheart - to which you are bound.

I'm perfume without a smell, I'm your turtle without the shell;
I'm a voice outside your mind, I'm fire without the hell,
I'm beauty without appeal, I'm make-believe without being surreal,
I'm the one you lost - but I'm the peace you feel.

I am what i am

Friday, June 12, 2009

Let the beats take control

No, this time i won't say any poetic words, nor i'll say anything which would sound anywhere near to concept. Neither i'll say that this has a meaning, nor i'll say that the words have some magic in it, but the thing which i have to say is BUHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Exams over and am back with a bang, so let the music take control, let the drums beat, aur rang bhar dey!! Zindagi main.......

Picture inspired by the song Rang bhar dey - Atif Aslam

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Makes You Wanna Live

Some moments in life ... some things in life define you what is beauty ... and such moments really make u wanna live ... and one of the things which inspires is rain .... it is so beautiful ... and especially ... when u are going on a road its a little chilly... and its raining ... and even though somebody isn't there to wrap you in their arms ... this is still so beautiful ... and makes u wanna live again ... live for such moments live for a new begining ... live for everything there is to life, except for the thing which keeps you stalling which is love .....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Phoenix - Rise From The Ashes

I can feel my life draining out of me; but I wait...
I wait for you to come,
Come and rescue me from this plight
I beg for you to come,
Come and fulfil my dreams,
I yearn for you to come,
Come and take me away from this misery
You're my salvation, my life, my entire being
You rebuild me, refine me,
You undo me, and move me,
you re-define everything i was
I am, And what I will be,
For you're my saviour,
my light in the darkness
I stumble and fall,
I follow you, I lose you, I find you,
and I follow you again
I feel myself wasting away,
I feel myself burning,
I feel you wanting me to burn, to hurt,
I feel you wanting me to change who I was,
and believe in what I will be.
I burn...
I burn for your love...
with your love...
and because of your love,
I burn and I'm destroyed
I cease to exist
You show me the light,
You show me my salvation,
You show me who I am,
what I'm meant to be,
And I'm reborn, reborn from the ashes,
reborn to you, for you,
now and forever...