Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll Be There For You

I will be the sun in your sky
And I will be the one by your side
I will always be there to get you through

I will be the one who loves you
And I will be the one who comes through
I will always be here for you

Time has flown by
Leaving scars on your life
But know that there is one thing
You can always count on
Being there for your every need
Just call out to me
I will come running

I will vanquish your nightmares
Banish your fears
Heal your sorrows
And carry for you
All of your tears
Honestly I dont mind
For you I would give my life

I promise you
I will share all the good times
Help with the bad times
Shelter you from the rain
This is my promise to you

I will fight of your worries
Take all of your pain
And hide it away
Nothing will hurt you
As long as I am here
And always I will stay

I will be your helping hand
And I will be there to help you stand
I will always be there to get you through

I will be the beat of your songs
I will be there to keep you strong
I will always be here for you

This I promise to you

(Happy Birthday NimzZz)


13 Critics:

<3 thank you
ur veryy sweet
and im not mad at u at all :]

:) this is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
very very!

quite a romance hidden in words...
but am not the one to judge...
your feelings flow with ease...
with depth, so sacred to cease...

Beautiful writing.. !!! do keep writing..

haan pata hai pata hai :p

per phir bhi makhan shakan maar rahan houn ;)

thanks alot buddy...

well this one i made for a friend... so it's just straight from the heart :)

and well the wallpaper is the main thing here :)

This awesome man love it..
and dude i dont copy poems i write my own, jus thought i'd let u no ;)
But not as good as this ofcourse

thanks boi...

and ahan, nice to know... and mai toh itna acha nahi houn yaar!!

@Constructive dream:
thanks alot, and welcome to my blog :)

o my my u are getting good at it..i loved the first two stanzas...i was almost singing them :D

btw pardon me from being away from ur blog..but wheres ur other blog?

yeaaaah mubi ney tareef ker di... main khushh ho gaya :D

sing them ?? can you tell me on which tone ?? i would love to sing it :)

no worries dude, nice to see you back.... and udher hi hai... phir sey dekho zara!!