Sunday, June 14, 2009

Till I feel Cold

There's no one around
as I stand here in the snow.
It's so quiet,
I hear every breath I take.
I look around
and my heart aches.
I want you here beside me...
My hands
are frozen numb,
I wish I could have it in yours,
we'd warm eachothers.
I can barely feel my lips,
but if you were here
to kiss them,
I'd regain some feeling.
I just want you
to hold me here,
until I can no longer
feel the cold


14 Critics:

VERY well written. Made me long for a kiss too!

I've two words for it... (:
Cold. Beautiful.

Cold as snow..!
Innocent as love..
Just beautiful!!! :)

thanks alot :)

yeah well its very hot on my side ;)

thanks alot, especially thanks for commenting on every upload :)

needs to wear a warmer/ upper/ jacket ...

You're really good with poetry. Where do you find the inspiration? O_O

I am not much great, but thanks for appreciating....

and my inspiration, hmmm my past, and my heart is my inspiration and now the time has come that i just close my eyes and start writing!!

by the way welcome to the blog :)

oustanding ... Yaar

feel so nice at your blog buddy

Ah, I like the transparency of this piece. The way you explained and probably linked weather to the mood-set, and then providing a lovable solution to it - fantastic! Well done! Keep writing!!!

Very nicely written :]
The image is wowish!

thanks alot, and i hope you keep coming over!!

thanks alot, all my manipulations are according to what i write, by the way welcome to my blog :)

thanks alot dude...

and welcome to my blog :)