Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Makes You Wanna Live

Some moments in life ... some things in life define you what is beauty ... and such moments really make u wanna live ... and one of the things which inspires is rain .... it is so beautiful ... and especially ... when u are going on a road its a little chilly... and its raining ... and even though somebody isn't there to wrap you in their arms ... this is still so beautiful ... and makes u wanna live again ... live for such moments live for a new begining ... live for everything there is to life, except for the thing which keeps you stalling which is love .....


11 Critics:

true that!!
high five!!

Sometimes the rain just drains you...away..washes u ..washes u for a new beginning or washes all your hopes away.. i should think more optimistic i guess :)
Yh hight five too :P

love the picture!! well written too!

*high five back*

chalo tumhein bhi high five ;)

thanks alot :)

written so very true !! rains are just awesome :)

@Pretty me:
yeah they are :)

it could be hand in a car, imagine a titanic scene ;)

You're welcome (:
Your user pic is frightening...
What's it? :S

lol, its not scary just my picture is of the phoenix check this out http://beyondthecanvas.blogspot.com/2009/06/phoenix-rise-from-ashes.html

i think you saw it :s !!