Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Am

I'm the whisper without meaning, the promise that isn't worth keeping;
I'm a tear without weeping, a guardian whilst you are sleeping,
I'm the thorn without a rose, the invisible ink when writing prose,
I'm your little albatross - I'm the best friend you chose.

I'm a poison without an antidote, I'm a lost preacher without any hope;
I'm a noose without rope, I'm the medication to help you cope,
I'm your melody without sound, I'm an unclaimed item in your lost & found,
I'm your unapparent sweetheart - to which you are bound.

I'm perfume without a smell, I'm your turtle without the shell;
I'm a voice outside your mind, I'm fire without the hell,
I'm beauty without appeal, I'm make-believe without being surreal,
I'm the one you lost - but I'm the peace you feel.

I am what i am


7 Critics:

well...what can i say????
it's juz so amazing.. so peaceful and yet so intense, all about you!!
Great writing!

its just soo wonderful .... glad to read this !

thanks alot, yeah i am kind of self obsessed :p

@Pretty me:
thanks alot, but this one was something personl :)

I don't know how you're in real life... but this poem of yours... well, it depicts quite an interesting image of yours (if excluded few of its lines). Angel-like. Everywhere and yet nowhere (:

i am just me, and this is just an insight of me, a description which i have about me on others as well!!

Hmm, interesting! A person who completely knows about him/herself is quite rare in these current days where fake triumphs. Good job!!!

this is just one side of me, i know am much more then that, i don't say that am good, neither i say am bad... but i am a mixed person and a normal one like every other person there is!!

thanks alot :)