Friday, June 12, 2009

Let the beats take control

No, this time i won't say any poetic words, nor i'll say anything which would sound anywhere near to concept. Neither i'll say that this has a meaning, nor i'll say that the words have some magic in it, but the thing which i have to say is BUHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Exams over and am back with a bang, so let the music take control, let the drums beat, aur rang bhar dey!! Zindagi main.......

Picture inspired by the song Rang bhar dey - Atif Aslam


9 Critics:

This is awesome! Love it! :)

Hahahahah :D Happy independence day :P

lol! happy independence day :D

Juz been here but loving it...:)
So will keep in touch and track of ur really interesting blog..:)
Following you...

thanks alot, and you have fun with your sister too :)

hahahaha, yeah thats what you can call it ;)

thanks, when is your coming ;)

Thanks alot, and all the writings and pictures are made and written by me :)

welcome to my blog :)

yay yay yay for you! exams are over!! =P now you can be up at 2 am blogging and not feel guilty about not studying =P have fun!

@Drama queen:
waisey ek such bataoun, main papers key doraan bhi 2 bajay uth ker blogging kerta tha and i never felt guilty :p buhahahahaha!!!

I sure can :P
And I always do :D

hahaha, nice to see you in a good mood ;)