Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Paper Plane

How hard will i have to throw you ?
How high will you fly?
To whom will you spread my message to?
I can only wonder
As I watch the wings of my paper plane
Board the golden horizon

Yesterday’s me was obstinate
a liar, selfish,
But I promise
As the new dawn arrives,
Yesterday’s me fades away

For a better tomorrow, I will journey
For my dreams, I will fly
For everyone to know, I shall tear a page,
Write my message on your wings
And I shall let you fly

I might not be there,
to see you land
to see someone else read you
For I will be leaving today
But wherever I may go,
However high I might fly,
My memories are engraved within you

So ride the wind!
Soar above this blessed land
that has been my home for so long
One day, I will be back
I will hear your stories
as you will hear mine

Go now,
and fly high
my airplane
spread my memories
engraved within your wings


14 Critics:

like the lines where you talk of yesterday's person fading away .. its a good feeling to change yourself for good and to forgive urself for your past :) nice one !!

ps: check out the award for you on my blog :)

hey did i not read this before?
how did you repost?

no you didn't read this before, the poetry of this is totally different, this is a revisit!!!

@pretty me:
i'll check my award right away thanks alot for awarding it to me, and well this concept is usually in my poetry

thanks once again!!

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Y'day I'd some spare time to go through your blog.. read some of ur posts too.. amazing blog, amazing graphics, and totally out of the world, verses!

Seems like you can elicit poetry out of basically, anything!!! Great! Really impressed.. Will keep following this blog regularly!!!

And this one, wow!!! autobiography of a paper plane.. can it be more simple and yet so introspective.. plz juz' keep writing.. it feels good to read those creative and intense lines....!!!!

Paper plane picture looks amazing...!

First of all i have to say thanks to you for commenting daily,

lol, its not that, its just that i write whatever i feel like, and sorry am out of my house so updates would be slow for like 2 - 3 days!!

am seriously in love with your comments ;)

and hey by the way when you get some extra time check out my other blog's too

i know you'll like them :)

dude i prefer the poetry ;)

and everyone is up to no good.
ps. i think i dreamt about it :D


no you didn't dreamt about it, you actually read this on my other blog but the poetry was different!!

and thanks alot :)

tay jahaz purda q aanda peya hai?

coz its spreading my words all around!!

lolz @ adnee ;)

I liked the concept :)

thanks alot for commenting and adnee pagal hai :p

oye molvi banda ban!!