Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wish i could paint !

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures....


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Lovely quotation...and the picture... but I couldn't understand the relation between the two ):


thanks ... and yes it does make sense ... coz the picture present there is in the painted form ... and its showing nature... so add these things up and you'll understand !!

I love the picture, very nice..

nice :-) dark colors xD

i can't =(

thanks bro !!


lol i like the color of the sky, and the brick path :-)

painting is really easy for those who have that painting spirit.. and i see u have it! it took me 2 weeks to learn painting.. all i had to do was give it a try.. so do try ur hands on it...

i personally love the color of the bricks and the trees

welcome to this part of the blog :)

i have the spirit... per my hand shakes alot !! so i don't know if i could really pain in real or not ... but definitly i'll try this :)

I like the brick color which is weird cuz like I hate like the color pink 8-)
the trees are aii i like the sky better tho

hehehe pink is hard to use... especially for a guy !!

lol I hate pink and I'm a girl :-)it's just too preppy girl for me

hahahahah well some girls have issues with it so no biggyy ;P !!

Gawsh!! I wish i could visit these luch green lawns by the both ends
thy luk so refreshing

lol can u believe my mom painted my room bubble gum pink with out even asking me :-(

To tell you the truth, I consider it a PHOTOGRAPH... It doesn't appear to be a painting O.O

koi nahi jab lahore aao gi toh i'll take you there

yukkhhhh how do you survive in that room 0_0 ??

ahan, khair you may be right !!

i dunno
i just spend less time in god it burns my eyes looking at it :-(
owww the pain
i hate it
have you seen pepto bismol? it's the color of pepto bismol (puke) I know why i sketch the way i do..

yukhhh .... you should tell your mom to change it for you :)

i haven't seen you sketching =/ !!

yea well i doubt whether she'll listen to me
they painted it pink last year
and they liked painted half the room then told me they were painting it pink so i flipped out (in my head) i didn't say anything bad to them
and i pleaded with them to change it but my mom was like "no i like it" and so now i'm stuck with a peto bismol pink room :-(

hahahahahaha, you can ruin the paint so they would get you new color ;)

lol thanks for the idea, but no thanks if i mess up the walls they'll probably leave it that way to punish me, and not paint over it

hahaha so is that worse ??

you know i'n not reli sure ;-p
i'm sick :-(

oh what happened ??

everybody in my fam has got like a flu or something
my throat hurts and my body aches :-(

same here buddy, me, my mum and dad have fever, flu and body hurts!!

reli sickness traveled all the way there? hope you feel better

hahaha, it travelled from here to there!!!