Friday, May 8, 2009

Me, Myself and I

My little private mind,
I'd always keep on to my own.
Holding on to myself,
Reaching not to anyone.

Screams no more,
Just sulk within the sullen face.
The growing cold within,
Surrounds the mind, changing every little thing.

No more S.O.S,
No more asking for help.

Even if you're gone,
Away from my disgusting self,
There's always one thing I'd have on my own;
Me, myself and I.

All three of them,
Are the only key to my secured mind.
The only ones who can understand it.

Yeah, I still have me, myself and I.


5 Critics:

Me, myself and I: how true!

well tumhein pata toh hai am self obsessed !!

mein mein aur meri tanhai! saath saath khush khush!

the pic is quiet messy
it could be much better ubaid ullah
doesn't goes with you at awl

yaar it's effect was suppose to be in this way naah !!