Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love You Mom

Mother's day ....
Yes it has a hype,
Yes everybody is getting all hyper over it,
Yes everybody is expressing their love for their mothers,

Yet mom i am watching and just thinking....
Why i ain't doing that,
Why my words are un written,
Why the love of her is just so deep in my heart that why can't i express ??

So I speak....


I wish you the Best on your Day!
Infact i wish you the best on each and every day that comes in your life !
May they Shine Bright and Beautifully!
May Smiles never end and Praise never ceases !
Know that what you do REALLY does mean alot to me!
Even if i appear not to take it to heart.
Even though my actions nore my words express what there is for you....

You are my Foundation!
You are my Dream maker!
You are my Friend and yes one of the Best's one!
You are the Fighter,
And yes you are my Protector ....

You are the Voice of Reason when neccessary!
You show to me the Paths we can take to grow
You are the Nuturing one that helps Shape my mind.
You help me to be so much more then i could ever think of....

Like a garden that Blossoms
so does your Love for me.
I can only go forward with me Dreams
Because i have the Power of you behind me.
When the fogs rolls in and i become Lost
You will always be there with the Light that finds us
No Matter What.
And yes that happens alot,
Atleast in my life....

You Empower me.
You Teach me.
You Shield me.
You are Unconditional Love at the Purest,
Your love superceeds the love of others which was never there for me i guess,
But alteast you were always there for me,
And you still are....

Mom relationships may come and go
as i travel on the Journey known as Life
But as my Mother...
You will Always Remain Forever in my Heart.

And yes i repeat,
Its not just about today,
My love for you is always there....
Per, i guess i am never the expressing sort....


27 Critics:

you are the master of words sir!

You Empower me.
You Teach me.
You Shield me.
You are Unconditional Love at the Purest,

hey the blog.. it's beautiful!

mothers don't need to be told actually, they feel the love of their kids in every word they say and every thing they do..:)

nahi nahi ... woh toh aap ho ... am just a person who is trying to be a master of my own life ... bus...

thanks alot ... and welcome over here ....

and totally agree with you but sometimes its better to express !!

That is so sweet
Magar it's abut time you let her know how much you love it, maybe once, maybe in a letter. Things can change alot for the better, even if it is un-needed, nah?
Layout change kiya logon ne :P

yesh i showed it to her .... she loved it :D

naah this layout is designed by me :D .... so is ko change kernay ka sawal hi nahi ...

and welcome to this blog ... i think you haven't seen this one before naah ??

awww thats reli sweet I don't reli hear a guy say stuff like i think that's sweet i love my mom too :-)

*shy* .... yaar kuch naah poocho how hard it was to write and express this *still shy*

lol i love my mommy too :-) translation plz..

oh you can't understand urdu ??

and it meant that it was really really hard to write this piece of poetry i have never done such thing before !!

no unfortunately I'm not paki, and i can't understand urdu :-(
oh i see

unfortunately ?? This means you wanted to be born in pakistan ??

and isn't it hard to read my blog ? coz most of my posts are a mixture of urdu and english !!

i understand what I can from the english and comment off of that :-)
it's not that hard

well I want to be atleast half paki :-(

cool... so that makes you really intelligent !!

hehehe you can come and live here to be that :)

i dunno abt that but, thanks :-)
paki poeple r awesome
p.s. dude did I ever tell u how much i love yur name man?
ubaid - it's so cool

hehe you are welcome :)

yeah they are :)

no you didn't ... thanks alot ... by the way my full name is Ubaid Ullah Ahmed ... but everyone calls me ubaid or ubeee !! :)

yur welcome
yea i like the name ubaid and then I like it's nickname ubeee1 i dunno just from the time I heard it i fell in love with the name
ubaid :-)

you only love my name :s .... i ain't that bad ;) !!

I love you too ubaid :-)
happy? :-)


you seem reli hyper and happy
but yea why?

hahaha coz people these days just say that they hate me, so coming a love you from some one was really nice :)

hate you?
you seem pritty kewl to me
you don't love me back? :-(

ohhh so soyeee

nahi nahi I LOVE YOU 2 :) ....

yeah i am not a bad guy, but people say loving me means to live an eternity with just a person ....

what more do they expect from you
you're a person
i believe that yur not a bad guy
looks like there's alot of love going around ;-p

hahahahah, yeah wherever i am love is always around ;)

and thanks for not calling me bad!!

lol sure :-p
yea sure i mean i don't know you well enuff to call you a bad person