Friday, May 29, 2009


Ice-cream is exquisite - what a pity it isn't illegal.


22 Critics:

thank god it isnt illegal !

hehehe waisey i would love doing a crime just to get it !!

yeah it was :D

looks good :-)
yea I'm happy it isn't illegal
it would take to much work if it was illegal :-p

Lmao illegeal hoti then i would be locked up right now ! :P

hmmm...that chocolate one looks delicious..with the two 'sticks'... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy :D


it tasted nice too ;)

haan and i would keep on paying to just get you out :p

and the raspberry one was the best !!

Now I need to get ice cream! :P

oooh oooh which flavor ??

aisa kuch mein tum se he exp[ect kersakti hn ubaid ullah :(
aak tu mujhye shadded wali carving horahi haa for chcolate by death ki :( and upper se tum mujhye ye yummy yummy ice-cream khila ker aur bharka rahye ho

btw.. i jsut ate Mango ice-cream by igloo
:( as i dun lyke mangoo ice-creams :( tu mericarving aur bhi berh gai haa
koi ha jo mujhye GELATO AFFAIRS lye jaye iss waqat :'(:'(

u ate all 4 bowls? 8-) lol

yumy yummy n yummmmmmmmy.. wats mre 2 say :P

Hehehe... BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, all things exquisite aren't illegal... Really :P

That's one mouth-watering image btw :P

buhahahahaha i love teasing people up :D

noooo i ate the vanilla witch chocolate one it had mint in it and some more flavor it was complexed :p

yes i know extremely yummmy :) !!

yeah i still wanna eat it again ...

thanks !!

sounds good my fave flavor is chocolate chip mint

oh yum that is too good hai naa ?

picture critique karoon?

I think you need to take pics either from top or from cup's level .. that'd make it look much cooler .. dont add this bluring from all corners effect ... and i love these wafer/biscuits in it :D

i love that's like my number one fave ice cream flave
i also like vanilla with chocolate syrup with mnms

i would love it if you do this crique thingy on my every pic :)

ok next time aisa hi keroun gaa, oh this is called KABAM effect ... i usually love the effect per next time will try something better....


Salay kaminay, tujhay legal ice cream buri lag rahi hai?

aaj kal main nahi kha raha naah is liye buri lag rahi hai :p