Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dried Up

The tears fall, they're so easy to wipe off with my hankercheif, but how do I erase the stain from my heart... Which i get while seeing so many innocent people die... Yes tears may be dried up, but the heart - never.....


16 Critics:

you are sucha mushy :)

you are sucha mushy :)

nice pic...
what u said is true I like it :-)

This post reminds me of what pak is going through these days. Certainly bad times

hain gee ??

thanks and welcome to my blog

thanks ... yeah i know !!

well its made for my country !!

Expressive picture and what you is said is indeed true (:

you said it all in just two lines ub... the heart will hurt always, may their souls rest in peace.. ameen!

thanks... well you coming back and you'll see what is happening here :(

hmmm thanks... and ameen !!

Touching concept and imagery (:

Its all so true. :(
Cute kid! :)

you made the cutest kid weep? :(

yeah no doubt she is my sweet heart :)

oye rulaya nahi she was modelling for me ;)