Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In My Arms

I swear, I swear upon my life.
Oh I swear, I swear that I'll take your pain away.
And this I swear, that this day will quickly fade into night.
Your pain is to much to bear, throw it to me.
Your pain, your suffering, it should belong to me.
You are too good to suffer like you do, and you should,
You should be happy, and not so sad, throw it all away to me.
I wish to make this life transform, to be something better, something more.
I just want to bring you all together, you mean so much to me.
I want to keep you safe and happy.
I will protect you from all harm.
I will hold you in my warm, loving arms.
Please, please come to me, I want to bring you ecstasy.
This life has taken so much from you, and I want to give it back.
I want to hold you close, and to those who know, I swear I'll save you.
Save you from this nightmare we call life.
Look into the mirror and see your true reflection, see your beauty.
It's not your fault, my sweet heart.
All this time I've taken part in this crime.
I want to make amends for my actions.
To bring back the way we were.


7 Critics:


hey incurable romantic soul.. how come so mushy :)
hehe kidding!

Oh I can never get enough of this one!!!!!!!!
Just love it!

i WAS romantic... waisey i still am ... bus mood per depend kerta hai ;) !

i know i know me either !!

veryy well written :D itz soo sweet n romantic .. n the pic is jus amazingg ..as hameeshaa :D lol

Ubaid is this about someone you know? or is this just a random poem? but hmm the words reflect someone I know..

I don't feel like saying anything... :-/

fankzz yaar aur emotional bhi toh hai woh bhi toh kaho naah ....

yesh its about me and someone i know see the pic closely my nick is written on it :( ....

what do you mean reflects ??

are you sachii wala crying :( ??