Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've some how lost myself
Haven't a clue where to look
I've searched every place
even under the bridges I've burned

I'm always numb now
No feelings inside
If you look close within me
you will see all has died

I was once a happy person
with so much to give
Now I'm an empty shell
with no hope to live

Maybe someday I will find myself
hidden far away
For now I will live like this
until time has it's say


20 Critics:

love the picture, the colours n the concept is jus great .. the poem is good too.. u've always written very well :]

p.s. im here for u

yea the pic is awesome and I love all the colors
and the poem is awesome it makes sense, unlike some other crap ppl call "poetry"

I can relate to this poem so much....bravo! and the picture is too good! very artistic!

the pic work is good..per.. the poetic peice isnt touchy:-s.or may b i ffelt it wth less intensity..pata nahiii..but sumthing is missing..kuch to haiii..

i know yaar ... i know ...

and i guess i don't need to thank you per *hugz* ....

hehehe yeah poetry is a inn thing these days ...

by the way thanks alot =)

thanks alot ... and where have you been ?? you commented after a very long time !!

pata nahi ... i like it ... but yes i guess if i compare with my other writings this one doesn't have that much feel but somehow it can related alot ... and the words have lots of meaning for me .... so i like it !!

and waqay hi something is missing :s !!

everything about the post is simply ME :D

lolz its me too ...

and loved the men wali post !!

thanks for what?
and yea I can't write poetry for crap so when I actually read poetry i understand it kinda amzes me
but you're reli good :-)

laast aii haii kya topic haai...

dill paay jaa kaar laga ...waah waah bariya ubaid bhai :P


Yar this is so awesome... This is me... Im stealing this poem... Can I?

you can add urdu writing support to your PC but cant get urdu comment editor at blogspot blog
please have a look at for more information
on blogspot you may have urdu editing support for comments as in site below
do let me know if you need further help

thanks for making me unconfused ;)

oh cool so you write poetry too ? would love to read what you write !!

Thanks again for calling me good... did you ever check out my other blog ??

hahahaha taday dil main ziyada kuch hi lag janda hai aaj kal ;) !!

sure bro you can use both the picture and the poetry just credit me =)

thanks alot lemme get sometime i'll soon check this out ... thanks alot for replying me =)

GOSH... I so so so so love it... The poem, the pic... It's awesomely gloomy ):

=) yeah and as usual one of my favz :D !!

oh you're welcome, I mean for unconfusing you
oh no I said I CAN'T write poetry - wish i had the talent tho it's kewl yur lucky to you know have the talent
um no but i'll check yur other blog out soon

hehe :)

yeah i saw your comments there too :D !! thanks for visiting ...

and well allah ka karam hai :)

translation please? yur welcome


It meant thanks to Allah, for giving me this talent =)