Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wish I was an Angel

I am what no one sees,
I wonder what more I can give.
I hear no more of their thoughts,
I see that which was never conceived.
I want to be what isn't logic,
I am what no one sees,

I wish i was an Angel


11 Critics:

Show the world your real self then ;)

And thats one scary creature here :P

i do show the world what i really am :)

hey its an angel... not scary =/

nice one..:))
symbolically began and then revelation done..
keep writing..:)
btw, who doesn't wish they were an angel..
Have you heard the song of Nightwish, 'Wish, I had your angel'..??

no i haven't but i'll listen to it right now :) ....

and well thanks alot for the comments :)

oh you are exaturating!!!

am honoured :)

Yes i wish i was an angel too.. then i could fly :P and nice poem...

u've got scary angels around :P

lol... i wanna fly too :p

nahi yaar itna paaroo sa angel hai ;)

I'm literally in love with the image... it's highly appealing and artistic (:

Well another one close to my heart :) . . . . And by the way its kind of abstract as well :)