Friday, July 17, 2009

Sea food festival

Suchii, i don't like sea food, but i love this picture :D


10 Critics:

thanks siras... and well you mostly are the first person to comment :)

i have a crab halal? some ppl told me its not and some said it is..wth is it?!

my father says that its halal... he eats that alot in dubai...

i think it is halal :)

okayy thanks..and still getting used to thing=S

yeah well ella is ajeeb... you have such a beautiful name wohi use kiya kero naah :)

ella ke story parhi apne? meine blog per likhi hai!

nahi yaar pls can you give me its link takay i could read it :)

ummm kaun se link? blog per haina:S umm title Ella Enchanted..

Oh ok i.ll read it right away :)