Thursday, July 16, 2009

13 Critics:

Plant's life? or Leaf's life? ;)

Buhahaha . . . I knew you would bug me more so i changed its name :p

:O :O :O

thats the reaction!
nothing left to say!!

Never till this day i have understood photosynthesis.. :( waisy bhi does it make a difference haha nice pic

i was going to upload the sky picture as well ;)

paindoooo :p ... it isn't hard... and thanks ;)


Biology much? PHOTOSYNTHESIS? Talk to me about it .. Blehhhhh

well biology isn't my department that's my bro's :p ...

dude i go to LGS tho phir 100 percent paindu nahi.. semi paindu haha

photosynthesis was my big word in grade 3..seriously..iv seen a lot of photos on this site..i think its time for me to get cracking and take some of my own

cool, glad to know that :)

by the way welcome to my blog :)