Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tired out

Well playing a game of badminton is easy, yet hard... Just came back from a game and well am tired out coz the game took way much time then we expected, my brother won't just give up. Was getting bored so thought to take a picture of it, and well didn't had much concept to it. Per still felt like uploading the shot.
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I love badminton! Except no one wants to play:( and its not that ima bad player..no one has time lol lets have a game pleaseeeeee=$

Sure i would love to play with a girl ;-) actually they play well too . . . :) aajao yahan and we can play :)

Nices.. me likes....the tired worn our shuttle corks say it a;; :)

Huma :O

You have me! Let's play tomorrow, you don't need to ask Ubaid ;) when I am here

by the way who are you :s

and oh welcome to my blog :p

hai naa... i was thinking the same thing :)

fankzz ;)

hahahaha.... jealous naah ho ab... you can play with me too ;)

Nice shot! Liked the conceptual view...the torn racket!

I too love playing badminton..

Just that nowadays, there is no time for all..

Keep playing and don't forget blogging!!!

Very nice blog! Those birdies have been beat to a pulp.. must have been one heck of a game!

Hey excellent pic...!! Such a pic requires quite a skills...

thanks alot...

badminton is just an awesome game i love it alot.

Lol sure i'll be definitly doing that :)

thanks alot :)

yeah well my younger brother's game is really good so we usually have a really hectic game!!

by the way welcome to my blog :)

thanks alot.

and welcome to my blog :)

did play for ages now :( ... we dont have a backyard in our new house (which is not so newly anymore)

before i use to play wid mom n sister.... mom is so damn gud... u can never win when playin wid her...

love da shot amazing.... how did u created the black shadowy effect ?

First of all welcome to this blog of mine :)

Awww . . . But you can play on your roof naah. . . We used to play on roof before i made this court.

Thanks for liking the shot, i used photoshop for it, thats called burning a picture i burned the picture from the edges so it would look that shadow is falling on it, and did it on all four sides to make the tired worn out look prominent :)

@constructive attitude:
Thanks alot, and welcome to my blog...

this is one of my favourite pictures till now :)

okay see i was confused! I was looking for this ..umm picture somewhere else! but yaa huda i didnt know you like badminton! cool=d andd im too far away Ubaid sorry! lol andddd..yup..thts it=$

yeah well i have more then 1 blog naah :p

:( ohhh i can always come to canada and play a game of badminton :p

lol im only just figuring that out! jeez im so slow

leme know when you get here:P

lol, add both of my blogs in your blog roll pls :)

and yeah sure i would do that :p

done..btw what camera are you using? your pictures look so fresh! or maybe its the pakistani ghaas:P very green

Hahaha no its not the grass i worked on the lights and shades.... And by the way i don't have a good camera :( i have Hp R707 its 5mp camera you can google it.