Tuesday, July 14, 2009

24 Critics:

Man, how the heck do you manage two blogs? :P

didn't you read i have four blogs :p ...

and it isn't that hard yaar... by the way do you know that i actually made this ??

lol... kahan ki genius ;)

Nice one..
Very creative..:)

Aww, look at him(or her ?) it's soo sad. Poor baby.

mere blog ka pyara header :D

hmm, so you manage four blogs. I guess this is the gay one, which one is for normal ppl

Comes from the heart thats why looks this way

Its my cartoon image naah . . . Hug me naah :-) :p :d

Which you got bored with :p

Gadha kya janay adrak ka sawaad . . . Well if you think art is gay then you would think poetry is gay too . . . So no normal people blog present in my list . . . According to your requirements

It's my one of my favourite quotation, you know...and you've delivered the message in such an unexpected, but admirable manner... Love the image!! I'll be putting it at my blog! Am I allowed to? :D

yes you are allowed too, just pls do give the credits to me, and you can put it there :)

thanks alot!!

thank you... and nice to have a new reader on my blog :)