Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some Leafy Moments

Stands the lilac-bush tall-growing with heart-shaped leaves of rich green, ... With every leaf a miracle..... And drops of rain giving a sight unforgetable..... these are the moment which i capture and cherish them forever.....


18 Critics:

Oh this is so very beautiful :D

especially the picture!
i juz felt it was so real like a 3D image..
amazing blog!!

Oh my sweet heavens!

This is absolutely gorgeous!

thanks alot siras :)

awww thats so sweet of you, thanks... this plant is grown in my garden :)

thanks alot and oh yeah welcome to my blog buddy :)

sorry bro!
missed the comments last time!
it was beautiful the way u have expressed the thoughts that u undergo observing this leaf along with the movement of droplets!
keep up ur creativity bro!
tc god bless!

waiting for next post!

thanks alot bro and welcome to my blog...

do tell others about my blog as well :)

apun ka style hai baat kernay kaa ;)

Achawww :P

Btw. just found out you have two blogs.
Free hai iska matlab yeh tu nahi hai na :P


well i have 4 blogs :p .... and by the way i have already purchase 2 domains so ab free kahan raha :p

Nicely done. You're really improving :)

Still need a good camera . . .

Wow... Simply amazed. Even the pic is highly worth cherishing :P



am honoured :)