Friday, July 24, 2009

Upto 50%

Was going through liberty market yesterday, and it was a bit cloudy. When i came upon the HKB building there was a huge sign of 50% off let me correct UPTO 50% coz there is a big difference these days, anyways loved it so took a shot of it. These days as its summer every shop has put on different sales but to tell you the truth there isn't anything worth buying from the sale shops because they know people are just crazy for shopping they'll buy anything and everything they wish to sale, thats why all these discount offers and stuff.

by the way listen to this track Jay Sean feat lil wayne - Down I liked the beats and lyrics!!


20 Critics:

I completely agree here too sale signs up everywhere but all rubbish.... no real discounts, hiked prices or maybe old stock waitin to be palmed off :) Nice Gimmick though coz The word SALE draws people there na

yeah well atleast they do lots of publicity for it ;)

hey Saanj what is ur blog addy :S

and Ubee.. i love Jay Sean!

I like the reflections of the clouds. (:

Loved the song.. I have been a fan before but lost touch, in time!

Thanks for reviving the experience..

And yeah, I agree about thr discount sale.. it's better to wait for the regular season, as well!

Keep writing!... and nice pic!

saanj's id is

and wow... i didn't knew so many people loved that guy ;)

you are the first person which actually noticed this :)

nice to see you here, by the way was expecting a comment from you on TIRED OUT one!!

Well he is a good artist, some songs of him are just amazing!!

you are welcome :)

yeah atleast you get quality stuff in the regular season.

fankzz :) sure i will!!

An aesthete untangles every hair when looking at a piece. Perspective.

Haji karim buksh :p no i ain't joking its true hkb stands for this actually this person owns alot of outlets in pakistan he has died now his sons and grand sons run the business its one of the top most shopping centre chain in lahore

Tips would be welcomed, and by the way do you know anything about hdr pictures? Yani how to create them?

lolssssss and that makes us true pakistani ;) ;) ;)

oh...the last time i was in pakistan was 3 yrs ago..we went..fortress? and this other one..ummm it had so many levels and tht arcade at the top. whats that called? and from like 8 years ago i remember this was like the hallmark was called Shoppe or something lol iv been to pakistan twice and i have so many memories:( ok this is gona turn into an essay Byeee

lo gee pakistan ka ek nara laga doh phir ;)


oh thats either SIDIQUE TRADE CENTER or PACE... yups SHOPPE is really famous... i do shop alot from that place per its kinda expensive then other shops!!!

lol i don't mind reading an essay seriously... its always nice talking to you :)

PACE yaaaa thats it lol i liked that place it reminded me of home lol kinda anddd Ubaid there is this place called lebanese corner where they have chicken cheese shawarmas i went there once..small lil place but really good food..and the Gellato affair..tht cafe i felt so wierd going in there..cuz wen we went to pak my parents told me to wear shalwar kameez.."wahan pey koye nahi jeans pehnta" (ya right) i went in theree and theres ppl wearin sleeveless nd smokin man did i feel like a paindu=$ lol mind if i add you on msn?=$=$=$=$

yups pace is a cool place now they have 3 buildings of it in lahore :)

and gelato affairs i love that place... and hahahah tell you parents that people over here do much more fashion then people over there can even do i mean the muslim people :p

and OMG you have been to lebanese corner i love its shwarama, looks like you mostly spent your time in DHA .... waisey i like COCK & BULL's shwerma and there is a resturant called PARADISE us ka shwerma the most....

ok i added come online:)

sorry buddy had to leave at that time :$ .... i had to go to different colleges to get admission for my bro naah... so forgot to tell you that soyeee :$