Monday, July 27, 2009

I am still Happy

I'll work, Yes i'll work even in this tender age when i deserve to be in a school studying, even when i deserve to be playing like other children of my age, I'll still work because i can't be like you, i can't be like our country, i can't be like any other people out there coz I HAVE TO SURVIVE ..... Yet i'll smile, because i am happy, because am not whining in the way you are, because am thankful to God.... And unlike you my smile isn't a facade, it ain't hiding any sorrow.... For me happiness is just the absence of sorrow... and yes this actually means that no matter what i am, I AM HAPPY....


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someone rightly said
a picture speaks a thousand words

Great pic, Says it all!!!

yes it does :)

welcome to my blog bro :)

yes it does... fankzz :)

We have so much to thank for yet we loose count of it again and again. We end up whining and forgetting how to see happiness in small things.

These poor children still know where to find their happiness.

A nice topic to bring up ubee.


oh yea happy happy :)
i am happy too !!

Beautiful !
I have to say this brings a little bit of guilt in all of us.

Am I? I ask myself and be content about what I do, have and inhale as it comes..

The picture speaks it all.. Nice one!

They know where to seek happiness, they have it and we still search for salvation, for cheer..

What's wrong with us? I introspect and smile.. Liked this post a lot!

Well written too..:)