Friday, July 10, 2009

10 Critics:

Individual imagination has limits, collective does too but it's not as limited as compared to the individual one.

Not really. Imagination is infinity to the power of infinity.

Never ever,
but somtimes
we blame so.

xoxo The Fifteen Year old Naive

I wish it had limits..i wish :P

never and ever and ever :D

For some things it does. It depends on the state of your mind at the moment you are imagining things... sometimes its bounded by boundaries where as sometimes, it isn't.

the previous one !.. fake stars.. was good than this one !

It surely doesn't have limits (:

Thank you all for giving your opinions :) . . .

And THESPILLS welcome to my blog . . .

By the way i do think imagination doesn't have any defined limits but some times it happens that we just don't want to imagine things like death of our loved one or any other thing . . . So imagination is not limited yet sometimes we just choose not to imagine things . . .

imagination has no limits. its limitless