Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walking in the rain....

I love walking in the rain coz no one can see my tears......


14 Critics:

I just love this line, since I first heard it. Awesome.

Me too, me too! ;)

Actually there are no tears, I can keep the river inside but I still like to walk in the rain.

I love the manipulation!
I love the line!
And I want it to rain so I can cry a river! =P

yup me too ... but i love doing it !!

ahan... So u saying U never cry ??


yahan kal bohat ziyada barish hui hai !! bohat bohat ziyada !! and i was soaking wet ... i loved it alot ... per mayri sari books bheeg gayein :p !!

OHH!! best depiction of this line with the original person saying it

yup ... so wanna go in the rain ;) !!

I don't know if this would sound annoying... no one can see your tears, but your rabb can.

lolz... naah it wasn't annoying IT IS THE TRUTH :) !!

ah i love the rainnn <3 i hope it rains here soon =]

haan i know why u want the rain !!

Nice manipulation. :D
But my line's better. :P

no it isn't, you line is just pervertive sort :p