Monday, March 30, 2009

Dreams On Fire (revisited)

That's how you fuel the dream and keep the dreams on fire. You show them that it's possible.


4 Critics:

Do you create all these images yourself? If yes, then you are very talented! (And I'd like to know how you go about creating them). If these aren't your creations, then I must still applaud you for your good taste :)

Love the effect of smoke in this picture!

these all are created by me... the poetry, the work ... everything is mine ...

thanks alot...

i use my camera and photoshop to make all these ...

am honored by your comment =) !!

thats photography yes? light with altered shutter speed or something? my cousin is really into photography. he did this type too. its a lovely capture =)

@drama queenyeah this is intially a photograph... but i didn't take the picture... it was by my friend... i manipulated it in this way so it could look what i wanted it too :) !!