Saturday, March 21, 2009

Be free

With people all around me,
I still feel so alone...
With people always there for me,
My heart feels as cold as stone...
I am...

So No matter what it does to me,
I want to be happy,
I want to feel free,
To be..


14 Critics:

I am in love with all these captions and wallpapers

Love is what makes these things !!


Get married. You won't feel so lonely anymore!

i m so glad someone recognises LOVE


lolz... yeah right ... who would marry me ;) !!

=O!!! i like this 1 .. rain is alwayz amazingg!! xD

no doubt it is yaar ... thats why i love it soo much !!

amazing rains.. feels like loving it !

yeah its been raining over here by the way ;) !!

I loveeee this pic! Very appropriate considering it's raaaaiiiinnnnniiiinnnngggg here!! =DD

hmmm same here.... and read its words again pls !!

I did read the words, and understood them too. :)


hmmmm so understand this... that its raining over here !! aur woh bhi depressing wali rain !!