Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Beyond The Canvas ...

When my canvas fails to express.....

The process of transforming oneself into an artist is one that actually very few can make, because it is not a question of technique. One has to work very, very hard and study oneself. That presumes that you have technique, that you have all the tools in place. If you don't have those, it is not possible. If you do have those, it is still only the
beginning. So
There is certainly a lot to learn, but after school there is an awful lot to forget... To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim... i know the words am using are too big but i belive there is nothing which can't be achieved !! I know i want to achive alot !! Things which are way out of my range ... but there is still the statement of die trying thingy going on.... so Beyond the Canvas is an insight of my dreams a state of my art and words which i would love to reveal ..... The universe of thought is only one of many worlds; each sense has its own;
each art has therefore its characteristic medium, which cannot be translated into speech.
Even an artist writes about art in vain.
When one allows oneself spontaneity, one babbles and that's all. In art, everything must be thought out.... As a child I could draw like Leonardo, as an adult I want to paint as a child.... So welcome to beyond the canvas, where my art paints everything, where my poetry confesses and where my soul captures its dreams.....

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Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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Yeh kafi wordpress type blog hai =D

i knew you would do this ;)

thanks alot bro =)

hahahah nahi i have organised it in this way that it looks like in that way ;)

You know i love Artist and Gays cause of one Reason ..


u r dam good Blogger and a Artist i think ha .. umm

Wish u a very happy Blogging journey thats my First time on ur Blog

and some one said in a Movie if u figure that one out ha

" its not what i am underneath , But what i do that Defines me "

Lemme correct you bro THEY AREN'T SHY ....

yeah we know how to express our feelings, through every and any medium we get....

thanks alot, and your blog is nice too by the way welcome to my blog....

Exactly, beautifully said....