Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Idle Seashore of Mind

Sit in reverie, and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind


24 Critics:

hahaha very creative comment from an artist like u !!

are all those artworks your creation or do you just like collecting artistic images?
Pretty cool blog =]

well wll well.. awesome work.. very neat and tidy .:).. and the greatt thing is the truee imagination.. hav u been to khi seashores?.. man they r like this !.. if not,,, then imust appreciate and impressed badly by ur imagination:p.. its really worth it !..keep up neat and tidy work:P.. shuker hai thsi tym on seashore no plastic flying bags r flying:p..wernaa.. thats an essential part of seashores now !..waisay plastic bags uraa saktay ho..;)

@bengali muslimah
yes all of these are my own creations... and am proud of them =) !!

thanks alot !!

and welcome to my blog

yaar i have been there when i was a little child ... so don't remember it much...

but made this with my heart and imagination ... khairr.... thanks alot ...

hehehe nahi yaar no shoppers here :p ... i like it the way it is :p !!

lolz... tujhey kuriyan hi nazar aa rahein hain bas kya ?? ;) !!

touches my numbness with a twitch!

Aur nahin to kya!

You know her? :P


yaar tumhari band bajanay wali hui hui hai :p !!

Why does it kind of make me ache? :(
I'm going nuts!
Beautiful picture

hehehe.... may be u can see a reflection of urs in it ??

Pata nahi, but every time I see this pic it makes me choke! :(

hehehe ... mazak ker rahi ho ya serious ?? :S !!

Serious man, not joking! =(

yaar =( !! i don't like making people sad =( !!

It's my bad not yours, that I'm finding something perfectly not sad, sad!

hey who says that it isn't sad ?? its perfectly completely sad... coz i know what my emotions were when i made it... this ones from my heart !! *mostly are* ... but this ones a little special !!

Thank God! I thought I was going mental!!!
But how come no one else found it sad?

others just saw it ... We felt it !!