Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dreams On Fire

You Are My Waking Dream, You' re All Thats Real To Me
You Are The Magic In The World I See
You Are In The Prayer I Saying, You Are In My Two My Names
You Are The Faith That Make Me Belive
Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher
Pasion Burning, Ride On The Path, Once For Forever Yours
In Me, All Your Heart, Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher

You Are My Ocean Rage, You Are My Thought Each Day
You Are The Laughter From Childhood Games
You Are Things Further Down, You Are Where I Belong
You Are Make Me Feel In Every Songs
Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher, Pasion Burning
Ride On The Path, Once For Forever Yours, In Me
All Your Heart, Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher


17 Critics:

AMAAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! *dance around* lol i love it!! n i love the font for the title too .dreams of fire!! <3

umm . i meant.. ON!! sorryy lol :]

p.s. don't tell any1 about u know what hahaha

haan haan pata hai pata hai ;)

and ABOUT THAT ... hmmm waisey that was funny yaar ... OF funny ... i mean on funny... oh ho funny thaa :p lolzzz !! don't worry ur secret remainsssss ;) !!

Did you photograph it your self?! If you did, then also post one without the captions as a plain picture. It'll look amazing.

lolzzz... BUSH !! its not a photograph ... its a work of digital art !! manipulation !!

:D !!

Nice! And I'm loving your template, Absolutely awesome!! :D

welcome over here as well ;) !!

hehe fankzzz ... the color scheme is someward like yours naah :D !!

anyways thanksss again :D !!

See bush agrees with me.....stop the captioning

Nice, I think we're getting somewhere now :D good work lad

I wish I had dreams to set them on fire..
No expectations no hope no dreams..

Loved the picture waise=]

haan boi agay sey aisa hi keringzz

don u worry ;) !!

fankkzzz yeah lets see where it leads waisey ;) !!

I wish the same too dear ... i really wish the same ....

fankzz waise !!

fankkzz I use lots of software ... but this one is made on photoshop !!