Monday, April 20, 2009

Useless Beauty

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless: peacocks and lilies for instance.


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what is happening at ur blog?? somone is tryign to abuse wth ur name.. is thsi teh same case which happend previously?

ouch...thats a painful thought...what would life be without beauty...remember...God has given us the gift of beauty so that we may appreciate it...and when we do..He appreciates us =) nice pic btw..very beautiful!

Well, I don't consider the most beautiful things in the world as the most useless (:

Oww!! Beauty is not useless!

yeah its the same case... i told u naah somebody loves me too much....

@drama queen:
may be it is ... but just give it a thought i am talking about just peacocks and lillies... just tell me one good use of peacocks ?? and no doubt i appreciate its beauty ... thats why i said that its beautiful...

Who said anything about beauty... am just talking about the beauty of peacocks...


They could be used for getting married too ;) !!

one good use for peacocks...hmmm lol i ll definitely find an answer for that one and get back to u...keep waiting till then =P

beautiful things are useless?... =|

um... seriously reconsider that thought. xD

im sure God created peacocks good for SOMETHING. nothing on earth is completely useless.


Tell me one good use of Ubaid? Sigh, useless and ugly ;P.

"They could be used for getting married too"...

You think? They won't be beautiful forever... and if that's what you married for, you're in for some serious trouble :).

as for peacocks and lilies... hahaha... they're adornments of this dunya :D. and you can eat certain types of lilies. and the peacock isn't for you anyways.

@drama queen:
Am still waiting for your answer ;) !!

yeah doing that :p

every body is against this one :p ...

hahaha adnee i have use naah i create things for others ;) !! DO U ??

hahaha ok ok i admit its the only concept which has so controversial things in it ... but still peakcocks don't have any use :p !!