Friday, April 3, 2009

I want Peace

I want a break from all these traffic lights
and polluted scene
somewhere i can rest with no fret
and sleep with no wounds.
Maybe wake up early in the morning
jogging on the boarders off the sand,
toes barley reaching the water
as my lungs fill up with morning air.
I want to hide away from all the clouds
and break free into the sun
Glister like i should
like the rays of the sun.
I'll lay on the snow white sand,
with my book in hand.
Paper and pen
by my side,
just in case
any idea travels by....

Poem credits: Hailey


6 Critics:

Its a brilliant wish man. What a wish. Let's pray its fulfilled. :)

i knew i would ;) !!

thanks bro... i really wish that it fulfills =) !!

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