Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Castle in Clouds

There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds....


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sky series!! niceee =] love the first 1 .. i like the colour itz nicee :D

yeah sky series ;) !! thanks alot =) !!

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Where's the castle?

AD: Where's the booty? :P

ooo i love taking clouds and sky pics and i hv a folder full of them..i once put them up on my blog too :p

loved these ones!

I love all of themmm!! <3
I finally figured out how to comment in this blog! HAHA =D

i know but i still can't capture the beauty which i am seeing from my naked eyes !!

duffer hi ho kasam sey :p

and tauba baaz naa aana ;) !!

yeah i saw when u uploaded but it was a very old post !!

khair i saw rainbow today :D !!

hahahah...i thought u weren't even reading it ;) !!

ok .. i love the 2nd pic more than the 1st now ... pata nahi q =/ xD khairr!!!!

did u take these pics ?? awesome man !! loved this blog !! will be back soon and regular :)

hahaha... kya moody bacha ho tum :p !!

@pretty me
yes i took all these pics =) !! everything over here is orignally mine and even copyrighted to me =) !!

thanks for following it =) !!

haan ubee..i saw two of them kal :D i even took pics..did you?

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!! =D

I liiiike!

I esp like the 4th one! And the last one! Just awesome! :)

didn't u see my other wala blog ?? i have taken pics of it as well... infact i have a video uploaded there... go check it out !!

i like the 4th one too .... infact i like all of them :D... thats why uplioaded these all ... coz i wasn't able to make my mind :p !!

waisey fankzzz *hugz:

The pics I took are NOTHING compared to these... Or maybe it's because I used an ancient cell to take them... Okay, that's not a good excuse :D :D

@momalyaar check out the maqbaraa one i took that from my old 2 mp phone ;) !!

lolz *brags* am born talented !! :p !!