Sunday, April 12, 2009

Now That You're Gone

Now that you’re gone,
Life is like a barren piece of land,
Unkempt and unattended for,
Overgrown with tall grass,
Which holds neither beauty nor meaning.

Now that you’re gone,
Happiness is like an empty feeling of elation,
Unwanted and uncared for,
Coupled with hollow laughter,
Which brings neither joy nor relief.

Now that you’re gone,
Sorrow is like a vast dark cloud,
Hovering and hanging over,
Coupled with racking sobs,
Which attend to neither grief nor do they relieve.

Now that you’re gone,
Hopes and dreams are like distant objects,
No longer remembered and wished for,
Covered with a heavy cloth,
Neither to be lifted nor moved again.

Poetry by Siras


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this has dropped my mouth open!

bow to the poet!

yeah she deserves this =) !!

This is so cool! Free promotion of my work!! =D =P

@americanising desi: thanks. :)

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beautiful poetry !! the pic adds to the feeling :)

thanks alot .... =) !! but i still give the whole credit to the writer !!

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acha if u enjoying it ... toh i am shamelessly saying u pls yaar help me promote this blog :s !!